My name is Sharon Kibbee de Lobo, I would like to tell you a story about my family. At it's best, it is a story about love and generosity and, at its worst, it is a cautionary tale of greed, 1920 Eatons
chronyism and deception.

The story started in 1910 when my father, Chandler (Chan) Kibbee,
first went to Eaton's Ranch with his parents and cousin.

It was love at first sight.



It continued through years, first as a child with his family, then with his wife, Mercedes,

MandD at Eatons
Arora and Daddy

then their children and grandchildren.

Through all of those years, the place he found most beautiful was the Soldier Creek Valley and finally, in 1970, when he retired from his job as CFO of Phillip Morris he stopped being
daddy sutveyinga visitor and they built their dream house in the Soldier Creek
Valley they loved so. They called it the C Lazy M Ranch
(lazy Mercedes because my mother said she was just going to
spend the rest of her life sitting on her terrace, in that gorgeous
Valley, looking at those gorgeous mountains).

Daddy picked the site for the house and John Shreve said "Chan how are you going to build it there, it's on the other side of the creek." and Daddy said "I guess you are just going to have to build me a bridge John."

John Shreve

Thirty five years later John still worked on the ranch and
sang at my mother's memorial service.

The men that worked on the ranch became like extended family. Mummy thought they would be very good examples for the children.

kibbe foundation

Soldier Creek Road was somewhat perilous in the 1970's and my mother was afraid to drive on it. As a result, my father traded his high-powered executive position in New York City, and their glamorous life, for official grocery shopper in Sheridan, Wyoming.







They said they were happy as pigs in mud.

kibbee cemetary



They even put a cemetery on the property so they, and generations of Kibbees to come, would always be together on their beloved C Lazy M.



Daddy knew the first name of every cashier at the bank, person behind the counter at the supermarket and the shops he frequented. He probably knew most of their children's names as well. He thought the people of Sheridan were the finest bunch of people in the world and so did Mummy.

Before her death in 2007, my mother wrote a love letter, in the form of a Foundation, from her and Daddy, to the people of Sheridan. She spent her last month discussing every detail with me. We thought up creative ways to raise funds for the constructio of event roomFoundation such as allowing people to conduct weddings and business dinners on the grounds and in the house. At her instructions, I began to redecorate the parts of the house that needed refreshing so it would be all ready. She had a small apartment added to the house so we would be able to house a really good chef for those events and we found one in NY.

wedding and business events

It is winter now, a blanket of show covers my parent's graves and Christmas wreaths hang over them. The ranch is now available for use both by the children and as a vehicle for fundraising and in the vision my mother died with, it should be a beehive of activity getting ready to greet the children and arranging fundraising events.

It does look just like she envisioned but looks can be deceiving. The Kibbee Kids did not hang those wreaths, as she believed they always would, the Kibbee Kids have not been on the ranch for three years and their whole future is in danger. The house is empty and the cook is gone. Her guys, as she called them, rather than being the good role models she intended are in danger of being fired by her own Board of Directors. One of them has been there for twenty years,the other even longer—since he was 15 years old. She thought she had made sure they would always have a job on the C Lazy M, but she also thought her instructions concerning the money she had left for them would be followed. Her instructions were ignored once again .

From the moment my mother first spoke to the lawyers and bankers there have been powers at work to make sure her wishes to create this loving gift would never come to fruition. Certainly, under present circumstances, peace does not prevail in that cemetery. My journal will document the journey of that gift, from its inception until the day that its integrity is resolved. It will include documents, emails, letters. Video tape, and audio tape…everything necessary for you to see clearly what happened here.

.the kibbee foundation for children