The Mercedes K. and Chandler H. Kibbee
Foundation for Children Programming
as Mrs. Kibbee envisioned it


The Winter Program:

Children arrive at ranch after school

The winter schedule begins with snack and play time

Then homework time as well as internet tutoring sessions from the Sylvan learning center when needed

Play time and a small chore after study hour (such as filling the winter bird feeders or a project in the greenhouse, etc.)


Story time



The Summer Program:

Children arrive at ranch mid-morning

Chores (such as feeding the miniature donkeys and llamas, tending to their personal gardens, etc. )


Quiet reading time

Afternoon is dedicated to fun (such as games, swimming, riding, garden and greenhouse projects), other educational projects or scholastic work as needed, and a mid-afternoon snack.



Year-round special classes such as music, dance, and gymnastics will be threaded into this schedule for children with those interests (some at the Y).

The YMCA could oversee the Summer Projects including overnight camping and more children chosen by the YMCA.